Welcome Curry Lovers

Welcome Curry lovers….I have a passion, a passion for curry

It was a passion for food and Indian food, in particular that got me to write this blog and my passion for cooking. I love trying dishes from different corners of the world, trying to understand the local geography and history that shapes them. India has been an inspiration & cooking Indian food at home can be really rewarding.

When I write recipes, I take into consideration the varied palates of those who might be eating them. I, sometimes, leave a dish as it was intended to be, full of bold flavours but other times I simplify the quantity of spices required and the amount used of each. ┬áTry the recipes as they are written and then tailor make them to suit you. Don’t be scared to try other meats & ingredients with any of my recipes. Have fun cooking & Enjoy!

You’ll find my recipes here

If you have any questions about the dishes on the site or any questions on Curries in general, please do contact me and I will try my best to answer them