Our Sauces

Projectspice.co.uk sauces contain NO artificial colours or flavourings and are made with 100% natural ingredients. This is very much a strong belief in all aspects of projectspice.co.uk, real food for real flavour.

Strewth mate!Flamin’ Galah– Our hottest sauce. Packed with Bhut Jolokia Chillies. New Improved recipe. Tastier, thicker & HOTTER! We believe this to be right up there as one of the hottest NO Extract sauces & made from all natural ingredients.





This sauce bites back!

Bhut kicker – A hot chilli & lime sauce that packs a powerful punch of heat from the Bhut Jolokia chilli and a mouth twisting twang of lime. A great alternative to Tabasco.NO Extract  & made from all natural ingredients. Out of Stock





A Mouth ExplosionC4 – A Mango and Chilli Hot Sauce, I have been making this fruity recipe for years & it’s a great favourite with many. Hot enough to knock your nan’s socks off! A perfect sauce for dipping. NO Extract & made from all natural ingredients.





It's got a sting in the tail!

Habanero Hornet – A yellow Habanero chilli sauce with bags of flavour and it has a real ‘sting in the tail’ NO Extract sauce& made from all natural ingredients. – Limited stock





Smokin’ Bandit – A smoky tomato chipotle style sauce packed with flavour, made from smoked Naga & Morita’s, smoked garlic, Smoked paprika & black beans. Schhhhmoking! NO Extract sauce & made from all natural ingredients. – Limited stock





Naga Jolfrezi curry sauce  – We give you the ‘Naga Jolfrezi’. It’s based on our Jalfrezi but made with Bhut ‘Naga’ Jolokia chillies, hence the name ‘Naga Jolfrezi’. Available to you for a limited time. Get yours NOW!